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The slow return to normality - Friday Favourites 10th July

Our independence day arrived! We can now enter the homes of our friends and families - and on our day of 'release' we visited my Mum for her 69th birthday. It almost felt like a date! I used it as an excuse to wear a new Boden dress that I think will get a ton of wear. Andrew's hair at this point was out of control. I'd cut it with kitchen scissors and then 'real' hairdressing scissors bought from Amazon but still, I wasn't brave enough to tackle the front. That combined with a month of the odd bit of sunbathing in the garden in May, when we were locked down together (when the weather was great!), led my Mum to say Andy looked 'Spanish' - hahaha! I now call him 'Don Andrew.'

We had one sunny day - it was fabulous! It was, however, super super windy (we live on a Peninsula in the far north of England in officially one of the windiest places in the country) - at one point my eyes were watering that much I could taste my salty tears! Caspar, Hum…

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